Why You Should Use Contract Project Managers

March 14th, 2012

Here are the top four reasons why our clients engage VeriScope for all of their project management needs:

  • Strategic business partner dedicated to your results.  When you partner with VeriScope, you not only get a contract project manager, you get a strategic business partner dedicated to your results.  Our PMs have a deep reach into our team of experienced project management consultants who are able to collaboratively solve our clients biggest challenges.  Your success becomes our success when you partner with VeriScope.
  • Deep functional project management expertise.  Our project leaders bring real world experience to your organization.  They ensure your project or product is delivered on time, within budget, and with requisite quality.  Once our project leaders are engaged, they hit the ground running with very short ramp-up times.  We understand that failure is not an option and your project sponsor wants to meet targets and be successful.  We get to know your organization and your culture so that we are able to delicately balance the art and science of project management.  We bring results.
  • 100% dedicated focus.  Project leaders serve an important role as integrator and lead communicator.  It is imperative that this person have 100% of their time allocated/dedicated to successfully deliver the intended project results.  Matrixed resources are typically allocatesd only a small percentage of their time  (e.g. 10% – 20% or 4 to 8 hours per week).  In other words, these employees must still fulfill their day jobs and squeeze time in to support the project.  Let’s face it – only having slivers of peoples time is not the most effective practice.  This may be acceptable for smaller projects, but definitely not for larger, cross-functional efforts.  Another scenario that we have seen play out time and time again, is where successful functional managers are appointed to lead an new project or initiative, but do not have the skills or experience to be immediately successful as a PM (also known as the halo effect).  Take for example a senior software developer who is a rock star at engineering code, but may not make the best PM (yet).
  • Overall net costs of contract staff are typically lower than full time employees.  You cannot simply compare the bill rate of a contractor to the annual salary of a full time employee.  Many factors for consideration must be analyzed, like salary/compensation, bonus, cost of benefits (medical, dental, and vision insurance), 401k contributions, paid holidays, tuition reimbursement, training, employers portion of federal/state tax liabilities, other programs that you may offer, etc.  Consider all that it takes to attract, source, interview, and onboard new hires…  And when you factor in possible attrition rates as high as 50% within 2 years  – you may want to take another look at contract resources.  Best of all, once your project needs change, you are able to immediately remove contractor costs from your budget, giving you more control.

That bill rate doesn’t look so high now, does it? 

How VeriScope Can Help You?

VeriScope has built a leading project management consulting practice on deep functional expertise and unmatched ability to elevate business results.  Available on a consulting or contractual basis, allow us to staff your next project with one of our many competent, results-driven project leaders.  Contact us today for more information.

About the author:  Joe Giampa is a seasoned management consultant, Project Management Professional (PMP), and a Prosci certified Change Management practitioner.  Joe shares his experiences gained over the last twelve years while bringing to life the visions of senior leaders by implementing leading-edge solutions, systems, and processes for multi-billion dollar companies.  Joe is the Chief Project Manager at VeriScope, Inc. – a leading provider of Project Management consulting, staffing, and training to commercial and government clients looking to  mature internal project management capabilities and maximize successful project outcomes.

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